Hearing Aid Prices & Payment Plans in Yarmouth, NS

We understand that the cost of hearing aids is one of the biggest concerns people have when they are considering a purchase. At Hearing Health Care Unit of Southwest Nova Limited we do everything we can to make it easier for our clients to find a hearing solution in their budget. Part of that is being transparent with our pricing — that includes the starting prices for the hearing aids we sell, what discounts or promotions we offer to reduce the price, what government programs you might qualify for, and the payment plans we offer.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?


Hearing aid prices are always changing due to new models and updated pricing from the manufacturer. At our clinic, we always want to recommend the best hearing aid that we think would work best with your hearing loss. If you have more severe hearing loss, you might require a more powerful and advanced hearing aid in order to improve your hearing abilities in different listening environments.

However, we always want to find you something that fits your budget. There is no point in recommending a hearing aid you cannot afford. That’s why we carry several different hearing aid brands and models, to make sure we have a wide selection of hearing aids that we can recommend at different price points. If you want to know more about our current pricing, please call 902-742-7835.

Hearing Aid Payment Plans

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General hearing aid pricing will vary by quite a lot depending on the following factors:

  • The brand/manufacturer of the hearing aid
  • The specific model
  • The style (behind the ear, in the ear, etc)
  • The level of technology
  • The options and features you choose
  • Whether you need one or two hearing aids

Specials & Discounts

Another way we try to help our clients is through the specials and promotions we occasionally have. Sometimes they are in the form of a discount off of select hearing aids, and sometimes they include free accessories or bundles added to the hearing aids. If you want to know what our current special is, you can visit our Hearing Aids Specials page or call us at 902-742-7835.


Hearing Aid Funding Organizations & Assistance Programs

There are a number of government, private, and charity organizations that have funding or financial assistance for people who need hearing aids. 

Most of these programs will require you to contact the organization first to see if you are eligible. For some employer or private health insurance plans, you will need to contact them or consult your plan information to see if they include hearing aid coverage.

If you want more information or assistance in seeing what you qualify for, we will help however we can.

Here is a list of government organizations and programs that you may be eligible for:

Here is a list of private and non-profit organizations or programs that might be able to provide assistance:

  • Work Insurance Plans — for people who have health insurance coverage through their employer with plans that include partial hearing aid coverage
  • Blue Cross Health Insurance — for people who purchase their own private insurance, they have some plans that include partial hearing aid coverage
  • Private or Non-Profit Charities & Clubs — for low-income households and children who need financial assistance for hearing aids there are several clubs in Nova Scotia that might be able to help

You can also contact the following organizations if you want more information or assistance in finding potential funding:

The amount of funding or financial assistance you receive will vary among each organization and program. There might also be limitations on what hearing aids you can choose from for some of the programs. We can provide some help in letting you know the steps you need to take to apply for assistance from the government programs. Just contact us ahead of time, and we can tell you what paperwork you will need to bring to your appointment!

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