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Hearing Healthcare & Audiology Services Offered in Yarmouth, NS

There are numerous treatments for dealing with hearing loss. While we prescribe hearing aids, they are not the only possible solution. It is very important to come to Hearing Health Care Unit of Southwest Nova Limited and get a hearing test so that we can properly assess the state of your hearing. If a problem does develop, it is better for us to start treating it as soon as possible. That gives a much better chance of a more positive result in improving your hearing health.


The Importance of Hearing Care

Hearing loss is a condition that can develop gradually over a long period of time. In many cases, it happens so slowly that the person affected by hearing loss doesn’t even realize it’s happening. That can lead to people being in denial that there is a problem, similar to people who take a while to admit that they need eye glasses. It is very important to get your hearing evaluated on a yearly basis to make certain that no problem is developing, or that your hearing loss has not gotten worse.


Our Hearing Health & Audiology Services


If you have hearing loss, an issue with your hearing aids, or any questions or concerns with your hearing health, contact us today to see how we can help. We offer several services to help:

  • Hearing tests for adults and children
  • Pediatric hearing care services for children
  • Hearing aid fittings, follow-ups, and adjustments
  • Free one-week hearing aid test drive depending on hearing loss
  • Hearing aid repair and maintenance
  • Hearing services for clients with coverage through Veteran Affairs Canada, Workers’ Compensation, First Nations, etc
  • Hearing loss counseling on how to cope with the loss of your hearing
  • Custom made musicians plugs, noise plugs, sleep plugs, swim plugs, etc
  • Earwax removal (a.k.a. Debridement) and ear cleaning, when possible
  • Home visits can be arranged depending on circumstances

Book an appointment with us today to experience for yourself how we can make a difference with your hearing care.

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