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At Hearing Health Care Unit of Southwest Nova Limited, we are able to provide our products and services to children as well as adults. In fact, we are one of the few private practice clinics in the Tri-Counties, including Yarmouth and Digby, that has the certification to treat children with hearing loss.

As a private audiology practice, we have the benefit of no wait list, allowing us to serve a critical role in the community for families in need of immediate help for their children.

Hearing Tests for Children

We know how critical being able to hear is to a child’s ability to develop their speech and language skills. If you think your child is exhibiting signs of hearing loss, or that their hearing loss is becoming more severe, you can book an appointment for them at our hearing clinic in Yarmouth at any time for a pediatric hearing test.


Signs of Hearing Loss in Children


If you aren’t sure whether your child has hearing loss, here are common signs and symptoms of hearing loss depending on their age:

  • Newborns — they do not react to sudden loud noises or to your voice by “jumping”, looking startled, or turning their eyes towards you when you speak
  • 1 year olds — they have not yet started trying to imitate sounds or speech, like “Mama” or “Dada”
  • Toddlers — limited or no speech, difficulty paying attention when you speak, difficulty learning
  • Children and teenagers — listens to the TV or music at very high volumes, becomes easily frustrated in a conversation when there is a lot of background noise

If your child shows any of these signs or symptoms of hearing loss in children, contact us today to book a hearing test. We will assess their hearing capacity and recommend the best solutions to improve their hearing.

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We are able to test children ages 3 and up; however we do not fit children with hearing aids. All hearing aids for children are through the provincial clinics at Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres. 

If you need to book a hearing test for your child, please Contact Us Today.

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